Technical Consulting

As a technical consultant I believe that IT applications and systems should be seen as a whole. This is why I aim to understand the whole system rather than focussing on any given part.

Health Informatics

As part of the chair of medical informatics in Erlangen (Germany) I currently develop cross-hospital infrastructure for data analysis, clinical model building and deployment in hospital settings. Further I analyse, build and deploy clinical models.


I speak fluent E-Commerce, having worked at shoptimax GmbH for 6 years. Over these years I have taken major roles from projectmanager to technical consultant in many successful online shop projects. I now consult clients on E-Commerce Projects and Systems.


I began my journey in programming 2013, when I decided to study computer science at the the university of Erlangen and Nuremberg (FAU). Since then I have developed skills in different programming languages ranging from Python, Java, C and C++ to PHP, JavaScript and mark up languages such as HTML, XML as well as CSS. I consider myself a full stack developer, with a slight preference for backends and interfaces, rather than user interfaces. I like looking at systems as a whole and solving problems, so that the used language or method becomes secondary.

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